How To Store Your Sewing Machine, sewing machines

Sewing machines are machines used to sew materials together especially clothes. They are mainly used in the clothing industries and also at homes for individual sewing. Sewing machines have benefited many homes as they make work easier compared to manual sewing which is time consuming. However these machines need great care during storage and use. Below are some storage tips you should know. arrow cabinets


Clean your machine before storage


With the use of a soft lint brush, clean your machine in all areas including bobbing case area and needle bar areas. Clean the outside of the machine too using a mild cleanser to ensure it’s completely dry. Once dry, you can store it carefully.




Use the white sewing oil to oil all the movable parts of the machine which contain no paraffin content in it. Before oiling you should sew a scrap piece of fabric by bringing your machine into best temperature operation. Oiling your machine will have some good benefits as it prevents it from rusting easily hence saving your money too. janome 660


Covering your machine


Cover your machine when storing it whether in cabinet or in the case. Make sure you cover it using a towel or either a large piece of fabric. This helps in eliminating dust which could affect movable parts.


Moderate temperature


Store your machine in moderate temperatures. Extreme temperatures may cause condensation hence making the oiled parts to rust.


Change your needle


 A good machine needs needle changing. Old needles may be bent or dull which may make your work difficult. You may find some skipped stitches as the needle is too old. This may in turn damage your machine as well. accuquilt fabric cutters


 Change threads for easy sewing


 It is necessary to always observe the thread before you start sewing. Looped threads may stick in the machine and fail to work as your expectation. They might also destroy your machine. arrow sewing cabinet


Dry place storage


 Always store your machine in a very dry place and away from any moisture. This will maintain the moderate temperature it requires to avoid rusting effect.