Suggestions On Sewing Machine Maintenance, sewing machines

There is a large list of things you must do to make the sewing machine work in operational conditions, but these are the basic elements you need every day. This list will not only keep your machine, it is also important for your safety. Sewing machines are not toys. They can maim and even kill if they are not managed properly. janome 2212


Removing Lint


Creates lint from the use of threads.  Although it seems quite harmless, it accumulates in hard-to-reach places and blocks the mechanism of your sewing machine. Open all crusts on the machine and clean the threads with a small brush. Usually, there is a group near the coil. Do not use a vacuum cleaner. It is too raw to suck and can eliminate small parts and oil. Try cleaning the sewing machine alarm every time the project is finished. Thanks to this your machine will always be ready for use. Janome DC5100 


Oil for sewing machines


Use the right oil! Do not use material that you put in the car's engine, as it will not penetrate the moving parts properly. The correct oil for the sewing machines is clean and it is possible that some of them were included when you bought the machine. If not, you can buy it quite easily, as in most shops with sewing. Instructions on areas that require regular lubrication can be found in the operating instructions. On some machines, these areas are marked, but in any case, check their instructions. After lubrication, make some stitches on the damaged material The maintenance of the machine adequately stops the wear and guarantees a smooth operation. It also prevents the formation of rust on surfaces. Rust not only stains your fabric but also penetrates the mechanism of your sewing machine and is crushed into moving parts. juki f300


Loose screws


When lubricating the machine, check the bolts for looseness and, if necessary, tighten them. Some of them may require the Allen key to be fixed, so it's worth taking care of the game.If you find the missing screw, do not use the device until it is replaced. A missing screw can cause serious damage to the device, especially if it is part of the synchronization mechanism. janome 660